Another Earthquake Hit Mexico, this was 7.1 Magnitudes

We get one or two magnitudes 8 or larger earthquakes a year. Varies. 2016 had none. 2007 had four of them. Anyway about one of those a year, so 1 in 12 chance for any given month. No big deal that it’s the same month as the hurricane season. Earthquakes can’t end the world. No earthquake is able to do that.

For anyone who reads this who doesn’t know, this is all about the BS fake prophet David Meade and his followers who are claiming any disaster that happens for the whole of September as evidence that the world will end next Saturday. What with it being hurricane season, a warm sea with strong hurricanes, also a time for wildfires in the US (tens of thousands a year) they don’t have any trouble finding examples. When the world doesn’t end, he will just pick another date for the end of the world,

It’s all movie cliches and tropes. Take the idea that California would fall into the sea – that’s impossible. One geologist worked out that to have an earthquake that big, you’d need a fault line 6,000 miles long all the way from the pole to the equator, Apart from the improbability of such a vast fault line slipping simultaneously – such a long fault line doesn’t exist in our world. See California Geological Survey – Earthquake

Also – these people who say it is a “sign of the end of the world” would have said the same if it was a volcanic eruption, or a war breaking out, or a tsunami or a mudslide, or a ship or plane disappearing without the trace.

Anything out of the ordinary this month, and they would have said “Look, told you so this proves that we are about to be hit by the [bullshit] planet Nibiru”

So it’s not even a 1 in 12 chance. It’s more like a near certainty that something else would have happened this month. However minor it was, they would have dug something out and said: “this is another sign”.

Signs mean no cause and effect is needed. You can say that a constellation of stars tens to hundreds of light years away is going to “give birth” using a passage in the Bible that goes on to explain that “she” (i.e on this reinterpretation of the Bible, the constellation Virgo) is going to spend three years in a desert being looked after by God. How exactly does a constellation spend three years in an Earth desert? You just don’t ask questions like that.

And it is all supposed to be to do with the pyramids and he says the great pyramids were built for the only reason, that he would be able to decipher this message 5,000 years later using a text from the new testament which was published 3,000 years later – using somehow the orientation of passages pointing towards “meaningful points in the sky” from 20th September onwards. Wherever it is the point, they sweep a great circle through the entire sky every day. And any sign of sunrise or sunset is the same every year on the same date.

And he also says that Earth is going to be buzzed by a giant planet Nibiru – no mention of a planet in the Bible of course. Thought comets were a weather phenomenon in the upper atmosphere and meteorites came from volcanoes and strong winds.

Where was this planet for the last several years when it should have been easily visible as a star like an object slowly moving through the constellations to the naked eye – and an obvious planet in a small telescope? Again, no explanation.

There is no occurrence of the word Virgo anywhere in the Bible. The whole thing is just BS. Sensationalism for people with low attention span by people who don’t check anything they say, a grab bag of ideas arranged for dramatic effect.

It’s done with as much reason or logic as a bowerbird selecting bright objects to ordain its nest.


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