BBC Weather report: huge storm looms as temperatures to smash Britain this week

BBC Weather forecast that temperature would drop to minus on Tuesday. The storm passed through Europe unleashes potentially damaging winds as it narrowly misses the UK. BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett warned that Britain could be a lot worse on Tuesday if Britain is hit with a storm currently brewing on the continent.

“Moving towards Europe and there is a storm brewing. We have seen some heavy snow in the Pyrenees and this deep area of low pressure underneath all that cloud that is bringing some heavy rain and some heavy snow to the Alps, “the BBC host said. He also said, “As it moves towards the North, it draws some potential damaging winds from Scandinavia. I’m pointing out this because we are very much fond on the edge of this. Our weather could be an awful and worse for tomorrow.”

The BBC Weather forecaster said, “It will be cloudy and windy today. There will be more cloud today but we should see it with breaking up a little bit drizzly showers by tending to fade away. Though the cloud will increase in Northern Ireland later. And those temperatures will be similar to those of today, though there is more cloud than today.”  It was a warning of the devastating storm in Europe.

On Thursday, temperature will remain mild while rain arrives from North West over the weekend. The storm will move towards Scandinavia and the low pressure area will move out towards the end of Tuesday.

The storm will allow cloud to possess on Wednesday. Mr. Bett said, “Much cloud is appeared to the western side of the UK. Most of the day will be dry in eastern Scotland and eastern England. There will be some sunshine to the Midlands and southern England as well. And because we are replacing the winds from the east with a southwesterly breeze, we should see the temperatures a bit higher in most areas on Wednesday.”

Mr. Keates said, “It’s a fairly messy picture to take us into for the start of the week and we’ve got very similar conditions for the middle part of the week too. This low pressure spinning on the Continent across the North Sea bringing some wet weather to eastern areas.  A little area of low pressure trying to push from the west, so as you can imagine that it’s quite a battleground situation across the UK. But hopefully you’ll notice that the blues are slightly become green and eventually yellow, indication of those temperatures rising a little bit mid week. This storm towards the west is called Hurricane Oscar and could bring some wet and windy weather towards the end of the week.”

BBC presenter Lucy Martin said, “Temperatures are touch warmer than today, we’re looking at a high of 13C, but later in the day and the evening, the growing chance of seeing some rain is possible. So if you have evening plans for Halloween, you might need an umbrella.”


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