Temperatures in UK is expected to dip below further from next week onwards

Once again the whole of United Kingdom are poor victims of rough and harsh weather as they face a cruel winter this year once again. If one has to go according to the predictions of the weather report, it is going to be a tough couple of weeks for the people residing in United Kingdom. This has been a near emergency situation for all the people out there and they they have to face the harsh onslaughts of nature.

It is reported by the weather department that the temperature will once again reach around -10C in the upcoming days and it will be a struggle for everyone. The commoners are warned by the health department that the next few weeks will be tough and it could lead to some severe health issues and asked everyone to take care of themselves. Though during the day, the temperature is expected to rise above the freezing point but it will be difficult for people during night as the temperature is expected to be around -10C. Some forecasters are even expecting the weather conditions to deteriorate by the end of the month (i.e. they expect that the weather will be brutal cold). If the weather becomes this harsh, the Government can actually declare it a situation of emergency and can provide some help to the people to relieve them to a certain extent. Over the next few days, there will be spells of cold winds from the northern side as well which will certainly worsen their conditions. The Public Health Department has issued a notice that the conditions will be life threatening especially for the old people and children. Even the Hospitals are expected to have a tough time as they have to serve more patients due to the difficult weather conditions.

The effects of this weather is already felt as many have been reported with influenza and several have been suffering from severe breathing issue.    What makes the weather worse is that showers will continue for the rest of the month which will further lower the temperature. Though the report suggests that the temperature on this Saturday and Sunday will still be tolerable but in the upcoming week it will be more of a struggle. Over the past few years, United Kingdom has not faced such a stiff challenge in the past few years and this will certainly take some toll on everyone irrespective of the gender or age. Everyone will face difficulty in coping up with this torturous weather. Hopefully this horrendous weather passes away soon and hope everyone is safe and secured and none of us are affected by this weather.


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