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Houston Texas Weather | Chances Of Storms Rise Saturday And There Could Be Severe Weather Next Week

HOUSTON, Texas Chances of rain will rise all day Saturday, with the highest chance coming in the afternoon.

The rain has been heaviest southeast of Houston, and that’s where it will stay for the time being. The Houston area and places north and west of Houston are more likely to get scattered showers. On Sunday, the sun will return, and the weather will be average.

Houston Texas Weather

Is it true that it might snow next week in Texas?

Yes, it’s true, but it won’t snow near us. On Tuesday, a stronger winter storm will move across Texas. North Texas, West Texas, and the Panhandle will likely get snow. We will be on the side of the weather system where intense storms are likely to happen until the cold front moves on. After the cold front passes, it might be cold in the mornings for a few days.

What terrible things could happen on Tuesday?

At this point, damaging winds, tornadoes, and small street flooding are the most likely dangers we could face, but it’s too early to say for sure. These details depend on where the low-pressure centre of the storm goes. If the low moves like we think it will, toward Houston or north, a severe threat will likely happen. If, on the other hand, the low moves near the coast or out to sea, the extreme risks will stay in the Gulf of Mexico and won’t come near Southeast Texas. Whether or not there is a chance of bad weather, we’ll likely have rain and gusty winds either way.


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