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Severe Weather: Spain will experience a severe temperature drop due to the polar wave, which will bring rain and snow.

As the polar wave is anticipated to endure for the duration of the following week in Spain, strong winds, chilly temperatures, and snowfall are expected to begin within the next 48 hours.

Within the next 48 hours, the weather in Spain is likely to significantly alter as a polar wave is predicted to bring substantial precipitation and a dip in temperature.

Recent updates from the state meteorological agency (Agencia Estatal de Meteorologa, AEMET) indicate that snowfall from the arctic cold will also occur at medium and low altitudes in addition to the mountains.

The rapidly moving weather front will bring widespread rain and significant snowfall beginning on Sunday, January 15; this could finally allow the opening of numerous closed ski slopes throughout the region.

While rain will certainly fall in parts of northern and western Spain, it will be less likely in the east and south.

All of the mountain ranges in the peninsula’s northern half should expect snow because the Met department has issued active snow warnings for today.

Spain will experience a severe temperature

According to forecasts, snow is expected to fall on Sunday night across the entire northern part of the peninsula at an altitude of about 700-900 meters.

Monday evening could bring snow to areas between 1600 and 1800 meters above sea level.

The weather is then expected to become extremely windy and nasty from Monday, January 16 through Tuesday, January 17.

On Tuesday evening through Wednesday, January 18, maritime polar air will then descend from the northwest.

The coming week is projected to be cold overall, with temperatures beginning to fall on Wednesday and Thursday.

Following Thursday, further rain and possibly additional snow are predicted for Spain. Given the decline in temperature toward the end of the day, this might be more probable.

In the northern portion of the country, areas between 600 – 700 meters above sea level may once again experience snowfall starting around these days.

It is too early to predict if this winter episode will bring on a cold wave, according to the Met department.


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