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Seattle Weather Today – The Latest Updates – January 12, 2023

If you’re living in Seattle, then you know about the weather on January 12, 2023. we’re all too familiar with the rain and grey skies of the Pacific Northwest. But just how rainy is today shaping up to be? We will give you a full – on forecast for weather in Seattle today, so you can plan accordingly for whatever activities you have planned for the day!

During The Day

Mostly rain before 1 pm. High around 52. A 10 mph breeze out of the southeast. Precipitation is 80% likely — possible new rainfall amounts between a quarter and a half of an inch.

High approaching 52F, chance of rain. 5 to 10 mph from the Southeast.

During The Night

Rain. A Constant temperature of 52, 8 mph wind from the southeast. Precipitation is 80% likely. There is a chance of new precipitation between tenth and a quarter of an inch.

The temperature is as low as 48F, Southeast wind of 5 to 8 mph.

Overall Report

Temperature (Day/Night)52F / 48F
Humidity (Day/Night)85% / 87%
UV Index (Day/Night)0 of 10 / 0 of 10
Pollen CountO3
Sunrise/ Sunset7:54 am / 4:40 pm
Moonrise/Moonset10:42 pm / 10:52 am
Seattle Weather – The Latest Updates – January 12, 2023

Today’s cloudy and rainy weather in Seattle, WA shows just how unpredictable the Northwest climate can be. The current forecast only serves to confirm this fact. Although it is difficult to anticipate the future, particularly when it comes to what Mother Nature has in store for us, being informed about the current environment can help us better prepare for whatever comes next.

Stay current on the latest weather news by checking the Weather News Today website or your local news station.


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