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Southern Weather Forecast Stay Alert For Rain And Snow

In the second week of January, severe weather will be present for much of the Southern area thanks to a low-pressure system that will emerge in the middle of the week.

If you reside in the southern United States, you are likely aware of the temperature swings this winter. The weather may be pleasant one day, with temperatures in the mid-sixties and chilly and rainy the next, with lows in the thirty. Thank goodness, the weather prediction for the week of January 14–16 gives us at least some idea of what to expect! Let’s look at what the southern weather prediction predicts.

Due to the storms, highs will only reach the mid-70s in central and southern Texas and fall into the 50s and 60s in northern Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico on Thursday. Before the storm system, highs in the Southeast will continue in the 60s, with Florida and the Gulf Coast experiencing highs as high as 70.

Storms will last through the night on Thursday and into Friday. When the front crosses the Mississippi River on Friday morning, it will bring severe weather to the Southeast. With greater rainfall totals further north in the Tennessee Valley, rainfall quantities are typically anticipated to be low around the Gulf Coast. On Friday, localized amounts may approach 3 inches in a few locations.

Highs will remain in the mid-50s due to the cloudy sky, with Florida seeing highs in the 60s and 70s. Highs in the 60s are predicted for the remainder of the Southern area this week, with dry weather and bright sky under high pressure.

Before the front moves out to sea on Saturday, Florida will receive the system’s final few rainfalls. Following it, high pressure will build throughout the Southern area, paving the way for a chilly and dry weekend there. On Saturday, highs in the South will be substantially more incredible, hitting the 60s in Texas and Florida and the 40s and 50s in the Southeast.

Similar to Saturday, Sunday will see dry skies and somewhat warmer temperatures. A second day of high pressure will result in highs in the 50s for the Southeast, 60s for Florida, and 70s for Texas. A disturbance in the Southwest is the lone exception, and it may bring showers to west Texas along with colder temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

While dry conditions continue to prevail in central and western Texas, New Mexico, and the Southeast, another storm system will form on Monday afternoon over the Ark-La-Tex. In much of the Southern area, highs are predicted to stay in the 60s, with 70s forecast to be reached in southern Texas, Florida, and along the Gulf Coast.

In conclusion, if you reside in any region of the southern United States, you may anticipate cooler temperatures for the majority of the upcoming week, with a risk of rain and snow on Saturday night. In case of anything changes, make sure to check back for updates! Whatever the week holds for you, you may enjoy it comfortably with proper planning and mindfulness.

Stay current on the latest weather news by checking the Weather News Today website or your local news station.


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