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On Tuesday, At least 6 Tornadoes Caused Destruction In Illinois

On Tuesday, houses in Illinois were destroyed following a devastating tornado outbreak. At least six separate tornadoes were reported in the area, leaving more homes completely destroyed. Although the tornadoes had already gone their way by Wednesday, the consequences of this natural disaster will still be felt by local residents for some time to come. Communities in Illinois continue to give support and do what they can to help put people’s lives back together after Tuesday’s catastrophe.

Illinois tornado

According to the National Weather Service, at least six tornadoes were reported in the area on Tuesday night, an uncommon January meteorological event.

According to weather service representatives, an assessment of the tornado damage will take place later in the day. The National Weather Service’s Chicago prediction region has only had three confirmed January tornadoes since 1950, they claimed, and the one that was reported near Gibson City in Ford County was the first one.

The five additional tornadoes were reported in the NWS forecasting area for Central Illinois.

The weather occurrence was described as peculiar by Brystal Deer, who lives two miles south of Gibson City and took a picture of the funnel cloud as it moved by. Despite being within two miles of the storm’s path, she stated she saw nothing.

Illinois Tornado Damage To House

In a social media post on Wednesday, Deer said, “It was warm, but (there was) no wind.” “My house was fine, but there was thunder and lightning up by where the storm was.”

According to Deer, the tornado destroyed a shed in its path and was thrown over.

She remarked, “I was stunned to glance to the north and see (the funnel cloud).

In Central Illinois, where winds topped 40 mph and generated hail as big as pennies in some places, the National Weather Service on Tuesday evening issued tornado warnings. According to reports, tornadoes began rumbling over the Decatur region shortly after 5 o’clock, and a number of adjacent villages were predicted to experience damage one after the other.

Houses Were Damaged By Tornadoes

Even though the storm may be over, several homes were damaged, and cleaning up the damage will take days.

Beau Laswell stated, “It was wild. It was such a strange experience that I would never want to go through it again.

Laswell and his family were inside their home when things shifted from being quiet to being noisy. Hearing the sirens go off, added Laswell, “hearing the alerts go off.” Obviously, the sheet metal that was wrapped around this pole in the yard could be heard striking everything, so all you could hear was straight wind and wood metal.

It was traumatizing, he claims.

“I was just trying to get everyone downstairs and make sure they were safe while hearing everything hit the house’s back wall,”

The homes of his neighbors were also impacted.

According to Carole Embry, she heard the tornado strike a silo, some of which wound up on the side of the road as it flew past her house.

Even though natural disasters can’t be prevented, we can all do our part to be prepared for them. Make sure you have an emergency plan in place and are familiar with your local tornado shelters. And most importantly, stay safe!

Stay current on the latest weather news by checking the Weather News Today website or your local news station.


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