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Parts Of The Chicago Area Could Have Scattered Rain And Temperatures In The 50s On Tuesday

After an unusually warm Monday, temperatures are set to continue in the mid – 50s for the Chicago area on Tuesday. But this time, it will be accompanied by a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. According to meteorologists from The Weather Channels, wind gusts could reach as high as 20mph during peak afternoon hours as precipitation moves across Chicago. If you’re planning outdoor activities or errands Tuesday afternoon, check local forecasts and prepare accordingly!

Chicago precipitation data

The most recent thaw in the Chicago area’s winter might bring Tuesday highs in the 50s to some places and even 60s to the south suburbs and northwest Indiana.

After a gloomy start to the day, Monday’s warming phase began with highs in the 40s and dry conditions.

Monday evening could see a few rain showers, some of which could be heavy at times, especially overnight. Thunderstorms are also a possibility.

Throughout the night and into Tuesday, temperatures are predicted to stay consistently around the mid-40s. Tuesday morning will likely decrease the amount of wind and heavy, widespread rain, although the possibility of sporadic showers continues until the afternoon.

Expect sporadic showers and a broad range of temperatures on Tuesday, from the 60s in the south to about 40 degrees north and perhaps into the 50s in Chicago. While Valparaiso and South Bend, Indiana, may reach 61 degrees, southern areas like Romeoville could only reach 56 degrees.

Starting on Wednesday, the region cools off once more, with highs near 40 degrees and a chance for a few snow/mixed showers.

With a high in the mid-30s on Thursday, snow showers are possible.

Summary for This Week’s Weather:

IN CHICAGO This week, the city may experience temperatures in the 50s before the temperatures drop and snow is possible.

The National Weather Service predicts that Monday will be cold, with a high of just 27 degrees. There is a chance of snow flurries, and the sky will be largely cloudy.

Tuesday’s high will be 36 degrees. With wind gusts of up to 25 mph, the sky will be partly bright yet breezy.

50 degrees are possible on Wednesday. The National Weather Service predicts that there will be clouds throughout the day and rain showers in the late afternoon. Up to 35 mph wind gusts are possible.

The temperature will drop to 28 degrees on Thursday. Early in the morning, snow, sleet, and freezing rain will mix together. The weather service has predicted a “blustery” day.

The skies will be clean on Friday despite the day being primarily cloudy. The forecast calls for a 28 – degree high.

Expected high temperatures in the 50 – degree range may cause a mix of rain and snow for some parts of the Chicago area on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. The agency recommends that people check back for updates as the forecast could change. Residents are advised to plan their day accordingly and avoid any non-essential travel if possible. The agency said those who must venture out should use extra caution while driving. 

Stay current on the latest weather news by checking the Weather News Today website or your local news station.


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