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Extreme Winter Weather NYC – More Snow Expected This Week In New York

As winter sets in, New Yorkers are preparing for the expected snowfall this week. While a snow day may be exciting news to some, those battling icy roads and long drives must take extra precautions when venturing out in hazardous weather conditions. By following safety tips and remaining mindful of their abilities, even the most unprepared driver can successfully navigate jam – packed highways during winter.

Given that a significant cold front is expected to pass across New York this week, the respite from the snow will be brief. By Wednesday, highs should reach in the 50s or 60s before dropping to the 20s on Thursday and staying there on Friday and Saturday.

In January, New York will have a good amount of snowy days. Building snowmen, sipping hot cocoa, and engaging in snowball fights are all ideal winter activities. Just keep in mind to put on a thick scarf and some mittens!

Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather’s Lead Long – Range Forecaster, predicts that there will likely be further major snowfall chances later in January and once more before the end of winter.

This time of year will be warmer and milder than we would generally anticipate, according to Stark.

Dominic Ramunni, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, says that with a rainy and moderate start to the year, it is challenging to predict specifics on snowfall for the foreseeable future.

“Winter is difficult because of one storm here and there,” he continued. “It only takes one snowstorm to dump snow across the area.”

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Along with the cooler, snow is anticipated, with rain on Tuesday and Wednesday changing to snow on Thursday. The good news is that the snow will stop in some regions of the state by Thursday night.

Early this week, many areas of New York are seeing far above-average temperatures, but that will change by Thursday when a cold front is expected to pass the state, bringing a significant cool down and snow showers.

Parts of the state have already experienced some very harsh weather this winter. Since Thanksgiving, lake-effect snow has affected areas close to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Nearly 200 inches of snow fell in Buffalo in 2022, with the majority falling in November and December.

The Golden Snowball Award, which is granted each winter to one of the five main cities in Western and Central New York that receives the most snow, is currently comfortably in Buffalo’s favor.

Warm clothing is a need in New York in January because the temperature ranges from -4°C to 1°C.

Between three and eight days of rain are expected in New York in January. Bring your umbrella with you to avoid getting trapped in inclement weather.

Typically, early to mid – January, late January, and late February are the snowiest times of the year. However, because of the moderate and above-average temperatures, meteorologists believe that there won’t be as much snow as usual.

Although this winter has been relatively mild for New York so far, we’re in for a more traditional week ahead. Make sure to keep up with the latest news on the forecast and be prepared for some snowfall! And as always, stay safe on the roads if you have to travel.

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