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Dallas, Texas Current Weather | The Latest Updates | January 13, 2023

Today, on January 13, 2023 the temperature in Dallas is expected to reach highs of 70°F with plenty of sunshine throughout the day. This gorgeous weather will continue into night time hours as well!

Dallas weather today – January 13, 2023

During The Day

Dallas is enjoying a pleasant day, with sunny skies and temperatures reaching the mid-50s. A light northern north west wind of 5 mph adds to its charm!

The temperature is as high as 57F, North northwest wind of 5 mph.

During The Night

On a chilly night in Dallas, the temperature dropped to 35 degrees with calm winds providing an ideal atmosphere for stargazing.

The temperature is as low around 35F, and calm wind.

On January 13th Dallas, Texas experienced a cold front that brought rain and low temperatures. However, with the cold front came chilly winds and lower relative humidity. Despite this colder weather in town, locals aren’t too concerned as it won’t last too long. It seems like sunny skies and warm days could be just around the corner so now is a perfect time to embrace what Dallas has to offer!

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